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Purpose of the ElizabethBathory.Org project

Purpose of the ElizabethBathory.Org project

The primary intent of the ElizabethBathory.Org project is to use the medium of the Internet to share with others around the world, the beauty and elegance of the recently discovered, and what we firmly believe to be, the original 16th century Elizabeth Bathory portrait. Second, to refute the many images of her that claim to be true likenesses of Elizabeth Bathory. Third, and over time, add research materials, historical documents and other facts about this most extraordinary woman to educate the interested public about the tragedy of Elizabeth Bathory and the lessons it holds for present-day society.

Elizabeth Bathory letter.

We do not care much for the popular legend or myth of Elizabeth Bathory. We do not believe that the crimes of which she was accused and convicted of are true. As a matter of historical fact, these trials never happened. But we do believe that she is a tragic and heroic figure of history.

Much has been written about Elizabeth Bathory for more than 400 years. Unfortunately, it ranges from the sheer fantastic to the absurd. Precious little factual material has ever been presented. If if it was, it was often either fragmented or skewed in a manner so as to substantiate or even fuel the myth, the scandal. Perhaps it is because scandal is more profitable and more interesting to the masses than historical fact. Here we refer to the myth, the alleged witchcraft, torture and murder of more than 600 young women of which she was accused and convicted of during her trial of 1610-11. Scandal sells news, books and in some cases, tourist attractions, but above all, its an effective tool which solves complicated political problems. It was true in her day just as it is true in ours. But, inventing, then exploiting scandal obfuscates facts much to the detriment of society and even nations which are all the more poorer for it. We believe it is precisely this that her conspirators had in mind when she was alive. Her story-tellers benefited from contrived crimes and subsequent fictional trials, thus, solving complex political problems and changing history in the process. In time, the crimes for which she was convicted of, seeded a mythology fuelled by a gullible society hungry for the fantastic and morbidly strange.

Speaking of strange, is it possible, that most of the vast personal property of Elizabeth Bathory has all but vanished from the face of the earth? If it is, why then can't it also be possible that, in fact, much of her personal objects do in fact exist but are not known as such by present-day owners? Her painting, after all, was recently discovered. We do know that many handwritten letters, her last will and testament and most of her former real estate is scattered throughout present day Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. Undoubtedly, other artifacts are scattered throughout the world like a previously unknown 1580 original portrait of Elizabeth Bathory has come to light in New York of all places! This portrait, too, has languished in obscurity since her death in 1614. Who knows what future Elizabeth Bathory artifacts will be discovered in the future and what new information they will reveal?

We are certain that if we look more deeply and objectively we will discover even more historical details of her life and expose the truth which demands to be told.

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Names are pronounced and written differently in different languages. For example, the Hungarian equivalent of the English Elizabeth is Erzsébet, and in in Slovak its Alžbeta. Both are a mouthful for a non-Hungarian or non-Slovak to pronounce. This is an English language website, and while it is cool to use other national variations, we have decided to spare our readers the tongue-twisting and mind numbing torment. So, we use an English naming convention for all the historical people and places in our articles, unless of course it cannot be helped. It's just easier that way.

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The Elizabeth Bathory Portrait Splash PagePortrait of Elizabeth Bathory with her signature

Historical facts about Elizabeth Bathory are few. If these facts exist, they are drowned out by her folklore and myth and they need to be told. Please let us know if you would like to share interesting historical facts we have not yet covered (not folklore or myth) about Elizabeth Bathory. We will verify and publish your contribution as well as acknowledge you as the contributor. Alternatively, you may also submit your website link to us for publication. If you wish to contribute, and/or wish to list your website about Elizabeth Bathory, please send your website link and brief description to the site administrator: Your website will be listed here.

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    Neither Sotheby's, nor any of their employees, nor any persons under contract to Sotheby's claimed this to be a portrait of Elizabeth Bathory at the time of the June 4th, 2015 Master Paintings auction.

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