Purpose of the ElizabethBathory.Org Project

Original posting: Updated: July 11, 2019.

The primary intent of the ElizabethBathory.Org project is to rehabilitate the historic personage of Elizabeth Bathory by using the medium of the Internet to share with others around the world, the beauty and elegance of the recently discovered, and what we firmly believe to be, the original sixteenth century Elizabeth Bathory portrait. Second, to refute the many images of her that claim to be true likenesses of Elizabeth Bathory. Third, and over time, add research materials, historical documents and other facts about this most extraordinary woman to educate the interested public about the tragedy of Elizabeth Bathory and the lessons it holds for present-day society.

I am the owner of the 1580 Elizabeth Bathory portrait. I'm a private art collector who also loves history. I believe that the beauty of this long-lost masterpiece should be shared with others. Moreover, I believe that that the art of history is a dying literary form. We are losing touch with our collective ancestry. Moreover, a woefully broken history of Central Europe needs to be repaired - especially that of Hungary! Indeed, this portrait, and the historic personage it portrays is very much at the center of the many complicated reasons why historians failed, and continue to fail in their duty to tell truths about our past and why the world is the way it is.

What We Believe

We do not care much for the popular legend or myth of Elizabeth Bathory. We do not believe that the crimes of which she, as legend has it, was accused and convicted of are true. As a matter of historical fact, these trials never happened. We do believe that she is a tragic and heroic figure of history. More importantly, she is a very important historical figure that contributed more to human liberty than anyone else in her time. It is for this reason that she and her family were ostracised from the historical record. Most will disagree, of course because this does not fit the established historical narrative of Europe - of Western culture. But, if people prefer to live their lives based on legends, myths, historical propaganda, or myths, who are we to tell them what they should believe!? Recognizing one's ignorance, after all, is the first step to knowledge and ultimately, one hopes, wisdom. But that too, is a matter of personal choice.

New Site Design

This year (2019) technology trends, or more accurately put, increased corporatisation of the Internet, caught up with ElizabethBathory.Org. We began to receive error messages from search engines which, in effect, were telling us that our old web site was not "mobile friendly." In effect, they began to downgrade our site and forced us to redesign the whole site. Apparently (so the search engines say), today's technology movement is all geared towards the mobile device. It makes little sense. It's a paradox. It forces content providers like us to redesign sites with less artistic content, and more mobile-friendly, lean content. So, what's the paradox? Content is getting leaner, and devices are getting bigger! Yet, all statistics tell us that somewhere between 75-80% of all our traffic is by non-mobile devices. Actually, to date, views by technology is: 83.64% for desktop browsers; 3.64% for tablets; and 12.73% for mobile phones. If, however, major search engines downgrade our listing then there's little point in doing much on the Internet, is there? Oh well! We tried to strike a balance. Nevertheless, because of the redesign, we have lost our placement on all search engines as a result and so, its like starting all over again.


ElizabethBathory.Org is a "new old site." It's also a not-for-profit site. Much has happened since the site was first published in January 2016. We originally posted three articles concerning the Elizabeth Bathory portrait in 2016. These were the "Portrait," the "Fantasy Portraits," and the "Myth" articles. We also planned to continue posting additional articles. Research for the fourth article began to expose a very troubling and complicated history which surpassed even our own expectations. It became evident that no short article could have possibly done this research justice. In 2016 we decided, therefore, to halt new article publications and to focus instead on publishing this work in printed book form. Over next three years, research turned into several book manuscripts. This year (2019) we have updated our old articles and added one new article - "Tragic Consequences."


The greatest threat to free content on the Internet is intellectual property theft, or to be more precise - copyright infringement. Just because we are not-for-profit does not mean we like to be exploited by others who view our material as profitable. As a matter of fact, our digital images, particularly those of Elizabeth's portrait can be found all over the Internet today. While this is flattering, almost no reproduction gives ElizabethBathory.Org credit as the source. Worse still, these images are used to propagate the same (yawn) worn out myth. Even worse, some individuals are actually selling OUR digital images for profit on various royalty free stock platforms. These are images stolen from this website, altered, and claimed to be copyright by these individuals. The only real way possible to protect our our intellectual property is by traditional publishing means, including litigation where necessary. Unfortunately, there is no effective way to prevent intellectual property theft online. It is why we have decided to limit what we publish. We are not alone.


Practically everything costs money. ElizabethBathory.Org is sponsored by the owner of the Elizabeth Bathory portrait (me). I wish to remain anonymous. It is also co-sponsored by the author of the Chrysalis Books, Jozef Borovský, who, incidentally, also wrote the articles on this site. This partnership is also why the two sites are similar in design. The idea is to preserve the "look and feel" for our regular visitors.


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