Our purpose: To present the 1580 portrait to the global public; refute other pretender portraits; advocate for real history concerning the countess. Read more...
Original posting: Updated: December 5, 2021.

Our Purpose

This is a not-for-profit website. There's nothing to sell or buy here. Our purpose is threefold. First, to present the 1580 portrait to the public. Second, to refute the many images claimed to be likenesses of the countess. Third, to promote the writing of meaningful history, not fantasies or historical propaganda, and thereby, rehabilitate the historical personage of Elizabeth Bathory.

We used the medium of the Internet to share with the worldwide community the beauty and elegance of the original sixteenth-century Elizabeth Bathory portrait. We have researched materials, historical documents, and other facts about this most extraordinary woman to educate the public about the Elizabeth Bathory tragedy and its lessons for present-day society. A minuscule fraction of these facts has been shared on this website. And finally, we embarked on an ambitious writing project to publish books telling the Bathory side of a broken history written by the same institutions which also manufactured her myth. This is where all our facts are presented.

Hello, I am the owner of the 1580 Elizabeth Bathory portrait. I'm a private art collector who also happens to know and love history. I wish to remain anonymous. We, at ElizabethBathory.Org, believe that the painting should ideally be in a museum, preferably in Slovakia, where the portrait subject lived most of her life. But not at any cost. Not while the mainstay of her, her family, and her people's history continues to be a myth. I hoped that the portrait would be appreciated for the real history behind it. But that's almost impossible to realise at this time. Maybe when things change, which is unlikely in my lifetime. But one never knows. We live in interesting times. As the author of the Chrysalis books puts it:

Do you want to build a better world? Wisdom takes time and cannot be bought. Be a better person. Seek your purpose, something to believe in. Learn to think for yourself. Listen to all. Believe none. Learn your ancestor's true history. In time, you will find wisdom and come to know your purpose.

Jozef (Joe) Borovský

I could not agree more. Moreover, history is literally a dying literary art. It is why, as Joe puts it in his latest book:

Those who don't know history do not know who is doing what to them and why!

Jozef (Joe) Borovský

History. It's a dying art because the vast majority of individuals the world over barely know their own ancestry beyond their parents' origins, never mind the history of a country, of real ancestry. It's why historically ignorant people prefer the realm of fantasy, the mediocre, simple, black and white, easy-to-understand, 5-minute read, which also is the fertile playground of the propagandist. Ignorant people don't understand real history, and never will, but they will have opinions. They will believe in the propagandist's lies, which is why human history is one of cyclical apocalypses caused by human ignorance and faith in tyranical leaders. Ignorant people hate people that know more than they do because educated people can never agree with idiots. So, idiots lash out, even against something like our humble website. It's why we have closed our pages to the general public, to the anonymous, proverbial fascist idiot that would rather destroy than learn and discuss, to hack into this website to try and bring it down, to plant malware to infect our server sofware code or our personal devices. Destruction, hatred, and consumerism. It's the idiot's gift to the world!

No matter where one might live, societies have mostly lost touch with their ancestors, and the loss only grows. Whether young or old, most have never been more historically ignorant as they are today. Worse! People still seem incapable of thinking for themselves! This portrait is unique. Indeed, this portrait is very much at the heart of the many complicated reasons why historians failed. They continue to fail in their duty to tell truths about our past and why the world is the way it is. My ancestors lived in Elizabeth Bathory's time. They knew what went on. Where are the academics? Are they no longer keepers of truths but mere gatekeepers between facts and propaganda? Or are truths still too sensitive for the arrogant, politically correct academics? Or is propaganda history sustained by historians' overinflated egos?

What We Know

We do not care for the famous legend of Elizabeth Bathory. All tales have granules of truths as their foundations, except this one. We have good reason to know that the crimes of which she, as legend has it, was accused and convicted of, are false. As a matter of historical fact, these trials never happened. And even if by some cosmic revelation such a trial can be proven to have occurred, it could only have occurred post-mortem. Elizabeth is a tragic figure in history. More importantly, she is an important historical figure who contributed more to human liberty than anyone else in her time, or since. It is for this reason that she and her family were expunged, and continuees to be expunged from the historical record. The true record of her real history exposes dark secrets which continue to have an impact on our present world. History. It's all connected. Of course, many will disagree because this does not fit the established historical narrative of Europe - of western culture. But, if people prefer to live their lives propped up by a reality served up with myths and historical propaganda, who are we to tell them what they should believe!? After all, recognising one's ignorance is the first step to knowledge and, ultimately, one hopes, wisdom. But that too is a matter of personal choice.

Content Use

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Restricted Content Access

Our intent is to publish informative articles here, but since we went live with this website about seven years ago, this website has been repeatedly hacked and abused. Our content has been messed with or stolen, then sold. Thus, we have two choices. Either we throw in the towel and shut this website down, or we refuse to quit and try a new approach by restricting access to our material. We have decided on the latter. Reluctantly, as of December 5, 2021, visitors must have a member account to view our content, that is, to read our articles. Sorry, but such is the world now.

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